1. Jonathan Jarvis

    Pete….hi its Jonathan now retired from printroom Farnham. Just trying to dredge my memory and contact people who knew Jim Tierney…..and who might wish to know sadly he passed last week or so following complications eg a lung infection after being diagnosed earlier this year with brain and lung cancer that turned put to be very agressive. Sorry for news but thought you might like to know. I see you are in Spain still printmaking …wowee! Very best wishes .

    1. awrtlroh

      Hi, Jonathan Yes indeed very sad, I was very fond of Jim and thought about him often. Pierre Julian actually told me last week when I was in UK briefly. How is Janet is she still with us. And how are you? Yes I am in Spain printing, making work and being wet in Galicia. On a mission to find simple things like stop out varnish or nitric, not easy. Thanks for your email. Saludos Pete

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